Forged in the Fires of Necessity

We created Mjolnir Technology with the intent to strike down IT problems before they happen. Mjolnir reflects all the qualities we strive to provide while serving our clients: dependable, powerful, and swift. 

Sean Fox
Sean FoxCo-Founder, Wielder of Mjolnir
Sean Fox brings the thunder of business acumen along with technical expertise to wield the power of proactive business technology solutions.  He enjoys breaking down problems and implementing simple yet effective solutions to help businesses turn their technology from a thorn in the side into a competitive advantage.
Zac Horton
Zac HortonCo-Founder, Forger of Mjolnir
Zac Horton smashes tech problems of all shapes and sizes.  He has fought ransomware, failing servers, WiFi issues, printer problems, and a myriad of other challenges with great success.  He digs deep to find the source of the problem rather than just slapping band-aids on symptoms.

We are ready to rid you of all your IT issues. Say the word and we will…

Founded on the idea that technology can be a business advantage rather than a point of frustration, Mjolnir Technology digs deep to find ways to make technology benefit you. Through our years of experience we have seen:

 We integrate these successes and avoid those pitfalls to provide a lean and effective team dedicated to your organization’s success.  Call or email us today, and Mjolnir will be smashing your tech problems in no time.